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After a thoughtful, exhaustive review, I conclude the universe does not need another deliverability blog, and I’m going to inflict one on the universe anyway.

I’m Andrew Barrett, Director of Deliverability for Braze. Formerly, I served as Director of Global Deliverability & ISP Relations for Adobe Campaign and for the Salesforce Marketing Cloud (née Exact Target). I also served for almost seven years as co-chair of the Senders’ Committee at M3AAWG, an important organization in my line of work.

A very long time ago, I was the Legislative Coordinator for one of the first anti-spam coalitions among senders, recipients, and ISPs working to pass meaningful, sane anti-spam legislation.

A somewhat less longer time ago, I worked very briefly as Sr. Director of Operations for the world’s first subscription-based spam blocking service.

Not such a long time ago, I was Executive Director for a 501(c)(3) anti-spam consumer watchdog group.

What you read here may or may not agree with the views of my employer. They have their own blog, to which I occasionally contribute.

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