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Verizon to Delete Customer Email Addresses

A week or two ago, Verizon announced to its customers that it would begin decommissioning the free email addresses users of its home internet products. Back in June, Verizon closed on the acquisition of Aol for US$ 4.4-billion, and this may be a sign that Verizon will be looking to use Aol mail to replace that infrastructure.

In any event, be prepared for rising numbers of hard bounces from verizon.net recipients. Here is the text of the announcement:

We wanted to let you know that we changed our email policy. 
With this change, if you haven’t accessed your verizon.net email account in over 180 days, your email account will be deleted and cannot be reactivated.   This change only impacts yourverizon.net email account. Your access to myverizon.com will not be affected.
If this change applies to you and you’d like to keep your email account active, simply log in to webmail.verizon.com from a computer and check your email within the next 30 days.   Anyverizon.net email accounts that remain inactive after 30 days of this notice will be deleted, including the email address. 

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