CRTC Shares Canadian Anti-Spam Law Enforcement Stats in 2019

Screenshot 2019-12-03 at 12.00.34 AM

ICYMI, the agency responsible for enforcing the Canadian anti-spam law released a nifty infographic breaking down some interesting stats about those enforcement efforts for the prior seven months.

The number one complaint e-mail recipients made to their government – by a long shot – was a lack of permission from recipients. And the senders in most of those cases were just ordinary businesses sending promotional mail.

Other key take-aways:

  • Almost $2.7-million in fines and penalties were issued;
  • Vicarious liability is a thing – leaders at the offending companies can be (and were) held personally liable for the infringing acts of the companies they run;
  • Text message spam is alive and well – 42% of all CASL complaints were about SMS spam.

Don’t mess with Canada.

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