Doing It Right: The Points Guy

One thing I’ve never understood is why senders often make subscribers wait until they’re sick of receiving the mail before giving them an option to adjust their frequency to something a bit less onerous (or “opt-down” in marketer-speak. Yuck.).

By the time senders deign to reveal that recipients could have opted for weekly or even monthly missives, it’s usually only after the subscriber is running for the door – way too late to salvage a valuable, permission-based relationship. 

Typically, an opt-out link will point at a hopelessly over-engineered “preference center” with about two billion check boxes that nobody who is already sick of seeing you in their inbox is going to trouble themselves to review.

And there’s a special circle of Deliverability Hell set aside just for those senders who bury the “Opt-out of all mail” check box at the very bottom of the pile. Folks, NEVER make subscribers hunt down your unsubscribe options – they already know where the Spam button is.

So it’s very refreshing to see senders who give prospective recipients the chance to select frequency at the very beginning of a new subscriber relationship. Hat tip today to @thepointsguy for providing this deceptively simple and very effective (confirmed opt in!) subscription form on his blog:




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