The Skinny Talks Gmail and Deliverability on the Salesforce Blog


I recently did a Q&A session with the Salesforce Core team about deliverability, and it was published today on the blog. It’s a bit remedial because it’s geared to a fairly broad audience, but I’m pleased with the results.

Gmail has a reputation for being tough on senders. Why?

It’s important to remember that Google’s business model is largely driven by ad revenues. Their properties like Gmail, YouTube, Maps, etc. are all free to users because they serve as gateways for ads.

Free inbox providers like Gmail are doing their best to present pleasant and engaging email experiences for users. Gmail’s business model relies on a large pool of receptive, engaged eyeballs. The more often they can present ever more engaging mail to those eyeballs, the more and better opportunities it has to present relevant and engaging advertising alongside the mail. The more Gmail can do that, the more ad revenue they can capture.

This underscores a common misunderstanding about the relationship between the inbox providers and their users. Your recipients are not Gmail’s customers; they are Gmail’s inventory—an inventory with a very short shelf life. Gmail has to protect that inventory from a poor experience in order to protect their revenue. That means senders have to do their best to present engaging mail to Gmail’s users as often as they can to ensure consistent delivery to the inbox.

Check out the rest over at the Salesforce blog, and let me know what you think.

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