More Spammer Performance Art

Freshly plucked from the +1 Bag O’ Fail comes another spammer web screed, whose author apparently hopes to become the locus of an organized movement to save Capitalism from the looming apocalypse that is Spamhaus, MAAWG, ReturnPath, and the ESPC.

When I first saw, I assumed it was another web site authored by longtime spammer Bill Waggoner. He created the ridiculous site, a rant about Spamhaus and SpamCop – but some cursory poking around in whois and ROKSO show that it’s actually a different spammer.

Stop the Haus appears to be the brainchild of Andrew Stephens/, who are listed on Spamhaus ROKSO for harvesting e-mail addresses and reselling them to bulk mailers (and possibly for sending to the harvested lists themselves).

It contains the same flavor of frothing, aluminum foil-capped lunacy on offer at Waggoner’s site, albeit with somewhat fewer migraine-inducing grammatical errors. The new twist here, though, is the development of a set of their own “blocklists” (his incorrect usage, not mine), including a list of “spam complainers who’s [sic] complaints are invalid due to can-spam compliance”.

Because, as we all know, if it complies with CAN SPAM, it can’t possibly be spam.

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